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Giuliani A Good Move

Karen DeSoto on MSNBC

Giuliani A Good Move says legal analyst Karen Desoto. The former prosecutor joined MSNBC Anchor Richard Lui and panel to discuss Cohen’s willingness to “flip” on the president.

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Rape Case Against Harvey Weinstein Possible

Karen Desoto on Today Show

Karen DeSoto appears on the TODAY Show as a legal analyst to discuss the rape case brewing against Harvey Weinstein. New York City officials say the rape allegation by an actress is credible. 

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Is Too Much Ice in Starbucks Coffee Worth $5 M

starbucks sued for 5M

Is too much ice in Stabucks Coffee Worth $5 M? Several weeks ago Stabucks got hit with a lawsuit that they under-fill their hot lattes. Now a Chicago customer alleges in a new $5 M class-action lawsuit that they under fill their cold drinks by using too much ice.  NBC legal analyst Karen DeSoto says ‘This could be a valid argument.”

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Technology vs the Law

Aple says no

Technology vs the law was on high display when Apple refused the F.B.I. demand to unlock the iPhone belonging to the perpetrators of the San Bernardino shooting. Does Apple have to comply under law?

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Erin Andrews Expected To Take the Stand in Stalker Case

Erin in court

Erin Andrews expected to take the stand in Stalker Case against Michael Barrett and the Marriott Hotel. The Fox News Sports reporting was naked in her hotel suite. Legal analyst Karen DeSoto appears on the Today  Show with insights.  

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Oscar Pistorius Guilty in the Murder of Reeva Steenkamp

Pistorius guilty of murder

Oscar Pistorius guilty in the murder of Reeva Steenkamp by the South African appeals court,  upgrading the verdict from the lower courts ruling of manslaughter to murder.

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Martin Macneil Murder Trial: Day 8, Karen Desoto Comments

Gypsy Willis

A 10 minute ABC Special Report with Tai Hernandez reviews the Martin Macneil Murder Trial: Day 8, Karen Desoto comments, and joins Tai Hernandez for most of the segment to analyze the testimony from day 8, which included not only Macneil’s daughters taking the stand for the prosecution, but also his mistress.

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Police Officers Charged in Freddie Gray Case

Marilyn Mosby prosecutor

Police Officers Charged in Freddie Gray Case, and defense attorney Karen Desoto appears on MSNBC with Alex Witt to discuss the legal insights into the stunning turn of events. It was a swift and questionable move by Baltimore’s chief prosecutor to charge the six officers involved in his arrest. Karen points out the conflicting motives of elected prosecutes vs. appointed prosecutors, and the potential conflict of interest in that the prosecutor’s husband is a legislator.

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Ohio couple sues over stolen engagement photo

lawsuit over photos

Karen Desoto appears on The Today Show to discuss the legal implications of the case of an Ohio couple who sues over stolen engagement photo for a book called “A Gronking to Remember,” a self-published piece of erotica inspired by NFL star Rob Gronkowski’s touchdown celebrations. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports. Karen notes that this case will “put people on notice.” 

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Bobby Durst

The Today Show

Could the Bobby Durst HBO documentary be his undoing? Stephanie Gosk explores the fall out or potential fall out of this new documentary, and discussion the potential legal ramifications with NBC legal analyst Karen Desoto. There may be a spark that renews investigations into the murder of Bobby Durst’s long time friend and the 1982 disappearance and suspected murder of his wife, Katherine? 

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