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Sexual Harassment in Schools

Sexual harassment in schools has surged in recent years. And according to the national board of education statistics, 40% of unwanted sexual attention in school is from female teachers. Janelle Folley made headlines on January 9, 2014 with her arraignment on charges of statutory rape of her son’s fifteen year old friend. Folley is a lunch lady and mother of four, though she ¬†probably doesn’t look much like the one you remember from your school days.

Sexual Harassment in Schools

That [40%] percentage noted previously has been rising over the past 10 years. The personality of a female teacher can include an teacher rapeemotional immaturity wherein they identify on the level of the underage student. In many of these high profile cases, such as Mary Kay Letourneau, the predators are seemingly normal and educated individuals. But they groom the children like a typical pedophiles; with females there is more emphasis on emotional attachments and expectations of long term relationships.

Talking for hours, attention, notes, gifts……Mary Kay Letourneau¬†had 4 children at the time. She spent 7 years in prison and during that time has given birth to two more children, both fathered by her rape victim, Vili Fualaau. Then she married him. The only word that comes to mind is”Icky.”

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