• Attorney at Law
  • Community Activist
  • Professor
  • On Air Legal Analyst
  • Writer
  • Speaker

About Karen Desoto Legal Analyst

Karen DeSoto is a television legal analyst for NBC, who has also appeared on MSNBC, The Today Show, Fox News, and CNN. She began her television career as a legal commentator on Court TV until that station changed it’s format.

Karen appears to provide legal insights in regard to specific high-profile cases that include Oscar Pistorius, Rachel Canning, a teenage student that filed a lawsuit against her parents, the American hikers being held on espionage charges in Iran, Douglas Kennedy, John Edwards, Rutgers University spy case, the Michael Jackson death, Bill Cosby,  Robert Durst trial, Aaron Hernadez, Boston Marathon Bombing. She also provides views on voter selection laws and other controversial issues. She often blogs on Newsvine, and participates in local political discussions.

Ms. Karen DeSoto is also very active in her community through her altruistic efforts and support of many charitable foundations and organizations. She is a Mentor and Trustee of the Cunningham Foundation a Board of Directors member of the Head Start Program for Jersey City, and the Hudson County Hispanic Coalition. A Board of Trustees member for New Jersey City University,

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she was appointed by Governor Chris Christie, and also established the Ray of Hope Foundation for Children, a group that offers aid to terminally ill children and their families. Karen served as a professor of law at Fairleigh Dickinson University and New Jersey City University, and appears as a guest speaker at many functions, such as spending time and talking with the students at BMCC. She is continually honored with awards, such as the City

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of Bayonne Youth Center honoring ed Karen DeSoto with the Humanitarian of the Year award, in recognition for her priceless charitable contributions, and the Puerto Rican Heritage naming her Attorney of the Year.