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Technology vs the Law

Aple says no

Technology vs the law was on high display when Apple refused the F.B.I. demand to unlock the iPhone belonging to the perpetrators of the San Bernardino shooting. Does Apple have to comply under law?

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Oscar Pistorius Guilty in the Murder of Reeva Steenkamp

Pistorius guilty of murder

Oscar Pistorius guilty in the murder of Reeva Steenkamp by the South African appeals court,  upgrading the verdict from the lower courts ruling of manslaughter to murder.

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Karen DeSoto Applauds the Bayonne Fire Department

Bayonne fire department diversifies

In a recent article The Hudson Reporter did about a diversity initiative by the department Chief,  Karen DeSoto applauds the Bayonne fire department when she was interviewed by The Hudson Reporter.

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Should Oscar Pistorius Have Taken the Stand?

Oscar Pistorius emotion

VIDEO: Should Oscar Pistorius Have Taken the Stand? The Oscar Pistorius trial has been a hot topic, and after him breakdown on the stand today, the questions shift to legal opinion.  Legal analyst Karen DeSoto appears on ABC News to discuss the issue with Michelle Franzen, who asked, “was this a risky move?” Karen indicated that putting your client on the stand is always a risky, a calculated move for any defense attorney.  Was it an error here, and did his emotional meltdown help or hurt?

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Should the legislature consider amending the sentencing and parole laws?

Bonnie Minter

Should the legislature consider amending  the sentencing and parole laws? Families of violent crimes have to essentially re-live the nightmares caused by violent crimes every time the perpetrator comes up for parole.

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Sexual Harassment in Schools

Folly is arrainged

Sexual harassment in schools has surged in recent years. And according to the national board of education statistics, 40% of unwanted sexual attention in school is from female teachers. Janelle Folley made headlines on January 9, 2014 with her arraignment on charges of statutory rape of her son’s fifteen year old friend. Folley is a lunch lady and mother of four, though she  probably doesn’t look much like the one you remember from your school days.

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Defamation Law for Online Posts Revisited

Slippery Slope

Defamation Law for online posts revisited by the Texas Court to consider whether a former an employer can have his former employer remove damaging personal comments from the company website. This issue has already impacted and touched everyone that does not live in a cave, a cave without Internet that is. If the comments are deemed defamatory they still may not be able to remove those comments. Why? Because if it’s in the form of an opinion it may have free speech issues. In other countries defamatory comments are a basis for[…]

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Karen Desoto is Quoted in Blog about Children Killing Children

Karen Desoto

Karen Desoto is Quoted in Blog about Children Killing Children :  What does it say about a society with children killing children; when children victims become violent and find their own children victims?  When a thirteen year old  is capable of sexually abusing one child, and then murdering another?  These are the question asked by blogger Brie Austin after children killing children rocked Florida when Christian, an abused child, beat his 2-year brother to death; and also sexually abused  his 5-year old brother. I spoke with …

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Do We Need Voter I.D Law in an Election year?

Americans Go To The Polls To Elect The Next U.S. President

Do we need voter I.D. cards in an election year?  Pennsylvania’s state Supreme Court on Thursday took up a controversial case over the state’s new voting law, which requires voters to furnish a photo ID before casting their ballots.  The question, however, is not whether Voter I.D. cards should be used, but rather, when and how a Voter I.D. law should be passed and implemented without violating the constitution.

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Tweeting Privately?

Twitter Legal Logo

Is Tweeting private? In an ongoing case  brought against Occupy Wall Street protester Malcolm Harris, Twitter acquiesced to the order of Judge Matthew Sciarrino Jr. in turning over the private data of Mr. Harris. “But the judge said he would keep the records sealed until after a Sept. 21 hearing challenging his ruling on the messages” according to an article in the Washington Post.  What privacy, if any, is covered by social media posts?

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