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Karen DeSoto on Today: Man fined $500 for laughing in his home

Karen Desoto

VIDEO: Karen DeSoto appeared on TODAY to provide legal opinion regarding a man fined $500 for laughing in his home. Robert Schiavelli, 42, has been issued a pair of tickets by police for disturbing the peace after next-door neighbor Daniel O’Hanian called the police because he said Schiavelli was laughing too loud out his window.

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Karen DeSoto on TODAY Presents Prosecutor Strategies RE: Olympian Oscar Pistorius Case

Oscar Pistorius

VIDEO: Karen DeSoto appears on the TODAY Show with Erica Hill to discusses the prosecutor and defense strategies RE; Olympian Oscar Pistorius Case.

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The Today Show Reviews the Douglas Kennedy Trial with Karen Desoto

Douglas Kenney trial

Karen Desoto appears on The Today today with her legal opinion about the opening statement’s of the Douglas Kennedy trial; he allegedly assaulted nurses while attempting to take his newborn baby out of the  hospital without permission last January.

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John Edwards Case, and Zimmerman Bond Revolked

Karen Desoto on television

John Edwards case was discussed on America’s Radio News Network with special guest legal analyst Karen Desoto,  and also about the judge revoking George Zimmerman’s bond.

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Karen Desoto appears on Today Show: Cheerleader Sex Scandal Case

Jones Scandal

Karen Desoto appears on Today Show: Cheerleader Sex Scandal Case. The “Victim” May Not Cooperate in Cheerleader Sex Scandal Case according to sources. Karen Desoto appears  at 2:12 of this video to discuss the case, even though prosecutors say they have the proof that Sarah Jones committed a crime as a teacher when she got into a sexual relationship with a student and don’t need the victim to testify.  

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Rutgers spycam case

Ravi on trial

Rutgers spycam case defense team plans an appeal.  Karen Desoto appears on MSNBC with Alex Witt to discuss the application of bias crime laws in non-violent circumstances; the broadness of a 2002 statute, and whether this is a precedent-setting case. Should we legislate morals? With the defense planning an appeal on behalf of their client in the face of a 10-year sentence, Karen and Alex review the circumstances. Rutgers spycam case

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Tycoon Millionaire Found Guilty in DUI Manslaughter Case

John Goodman

Tycoon Millionaire Found Guilty in DUI Manslaughter Case and Karen DeSoto appears  on The Today Show to discuss the differences in the charges against John Goodman and the extra years he will likely serve.

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Karen DeSoto Appears On-Air Reporting

karen desoto speaks about autism

Karen DeSoto Appears On-Air Reporting about legal cases in the national news. Karen Desoto is an attorney at law that has previously served as a prosecutor, public defender, attorney in private practice, and corporate counsel for the city of Jersey City. For the past 13 years she has appeared on the leading news shows to lend her expert insight to a variety of cases. She appeared for 10 years o Court TV and MSNBC, and currently Fox News, CNN Headline News, MSNBC,  and the Today Show.  The video contained here[…]

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John Edwards Trial Postponed

John Edwards trial postponement

John Edwards Trial Postponed: Karen Desoto, legal analyst, and Nieca Goldberg, cardiologist, speak with Lester Holt about the medical and legal implications surrounding the John Edwards trial regarding the postponement of his case on medical ground.

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Baby Ayla Disappearance

Baby Ayla Disappearance

Baby Ayla Disappearance : Karen appears on the TODAY SHOW with Lester Holt to discuss the case; appearing at 2:24 into this video Baby Ayla Disappearance

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