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Karen DeSoto Launched Karen DeSoto.org

karen speaks at BMCC

Karen DeSoto launched KarenDeSoto.org as a way to segregate her work as a legal analysts on NBC News with her contributions in community activism.

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Karen Desoto Gets Professorship at NJCU

Karen Desoto is now an assistant professor at New Jersey City University located in Jersey City, New Jersey. She is also an on-air legal analyst for NBC, a distinguished career attorney that founded the Center For Legal Justice, and been honored with various awards for her volunteerism through the years. Previously Karen was public defender, prosecutor, and adjunct professor of law at Fairleigh Dickinson University.  

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Karen Desoto MSNBC Photos

Karen Desoto MSNBC photos have been add to her galleries on both her Facebook page, and Goolge Plus pages, from during the Oscar Pistorious trial. Take a look and Like and/or subscribe to follow the page(s).  Karen is a legal analyst on MSNBC and has provided legal analysis of the prosecution and defense positions and strategies throughout the trial. She has given the watching audience insights as to why the attorneys have used the various tactics they have.

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My Facebook page

My Facebook page as a legal analyst specific to the news I report on is now live. It contains notices on when I will be appearing on-air, as well as links to videos of on-air appearances, plus occasional articles.

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