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Erin Andrews Expected To Take the Stand in Stalker Case

Erin Andrews expected to take the stand in Stalker Case against Michael Barrett and the Marriott Hotel. The Fox News Sports reporting was naked in her hotel suite. Legal analyst Karen DeSoto appears on the Today  Show with insights.  

Micheal Barrett has already served 30 months in jail. While he had taken video of her in other locations, at the Marriott he captured the naked videos he shot of Ms. Andrews through a peephole between rooms. The lawsuit states that he requested a room next to hers and the Marriott provided it, something they deny.

The peeping case was dramatic in it’s first week with the jury shown the videos of Erin Andrews naked in her hotel room. According to her father — who took the stand — it is estimated to have been seen on the Internet by over 16 million people.

Loren Comstock said that ms. Andrews couldn’t even make it through the day without fear and anxiety.  Ms. Andrews mother is expected to testify as well.

With anticipation high that Ms. Andrews is expected to take the stand, according to legal analyst Karen DeSoto (during the Today Show segment), what we can expect is that a lot of her (Andrews) time on the stand will be about what she’s experienced, how she felt emotionally, its effects on her and the damages she’s incurred.

You can view the segment here.


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