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Justice Files: Bob McDonnell Verdict & Thomas Gilbert Case

Highlighted this week on Justice Files: Bob McDonnell Verdict & Thomas Gilbert case. Rev. Sharpton talks to Judge Faith Jenkins and Karen DeSoto about two trending criminal stories: the sentencing of Bob McDonnell and Thomas Gilbert, the man accused of shooting and killing his father over his allowance.

Thomas Gilbert on trial

Thomas Gilbert

Regardng Bob McDonnell, Rev Sharpton asks Judge Jenkins and Ms. Desoto about Mr. McDonnell’s meagar two year sentence. Judge Jenkins was surprised how lenient his sentence was in comparison to other politicians that were prosecuted for wrong-doing. Ms. Desoto noted that 90% of appeals lose, so she doen’t see that tactic that the defense it taking keeping him our of jail.

The following story about Thomas Gilbert uncovers a strange case.

Watch the video here

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