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Should the legislature consider amending the sentencing and parole laws?

Should the legislature consider amending  the sentencing and parole laws? Families of violent crimes have to essentially re-live the nightmares caused by violent crimes every time the perpetrator comes up for parole.

Case in point is a story reported in the New York Post: “A Westchester man who was 6 when three ghouls beat, raped and fatally shot his mother and another woman in a 1977 home invasion is leading a petition drive to deny them parole.” Jason Minter continues to fight, over and over again, to have his mother’s rapist and murderer kept behind bars .

Thirty three years ago he witnessed the brutal crime. Jason suffered the emotional trauma again from the fear that later this month the monster that killed his mom will be released by the NY parole board.

Should the legislature consider amending  the sentencing and parole laws?

“He personally raped my mother. He personally shot my mother. He laughed about it as he left the house,” Minter said of Samuel Bonnie MinterAyala. “I heard him as he got into the (getaway) van and joked about his sexual prowess.” He thought it was funny,” Minter told The Post.He’s a monster who should never ever get out of prison.”

Is it fair to put a victim’s family through the burden of re-living the pain of a such a crime over and over. I would think not. What do you think? What about you, what do you think? Post your comments

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