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Police Officers Charged in Freddie Gray Case

Marilyn Mosby prosecutor

Police Officers Charged in Freddie Gray Case, and defense attorney Karen Desoto appears on MSNBC with Alex Witt to discuss the legal insights into the stunning turn of events. It was a swift and questionable move by Baltimore’s chief prosecutor to charge the six officers involved in his arrest. Karen points out the conflicting motives of elected prosecutes vs. appointed prosecutors, and the potential conflict of interest in that the prosecutor’s husband is a legislator.

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Ohio couple sues over stolen engagement photo

lawsuit over photos

Karen Desoto appears on The Today Show to discuss the legal implications of the case of an Ohio couple who sues over stolen engagement photo for a book called “A Gronking to Remember,” a self-published piece of erotica inspired by NFL star Rob Gronkowski’s touchdown celebrations. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports. Karen notes that this case will “put people on notice.” 

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Karen Desoto Gets Professorship at NJCU

Karen Desoto is now an assistant professor at New Jersey City University located in Jersey City, New Jersey. She is also an on-air legal analyst for NBC, a distinguished career attorney that founded the Center For Legal Justice, and been honored with various awards for her volunteerism through the years. Previously Karen was public defender, prosecutor, and adjunct professor of law at Fairleigh Dickinson University.  

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Bobby Durst

The Today Show

Could the Bobby Durst HBO documentary be his undoing? Stephanie Gosk explores the fall out or potential fall out of this new documentary, and discussion the potential legal ramifications with NBC legal analyst Karen Desoto. There may be a spark that renews investigations into the murder of Bobby Durst’s long time friend and the 1982 disappearance and suspected murder of his wife, Katherine? 

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Boston Marathon Bombing Trial

courtroom rendering

The Boston Marathon bombing trial in its first week of testimonies was emotional. Peter Alexander provides an overview of recent court room activities on the Today Show, along with candid comments by witnesses. One of the runners from the marathon — who now has prosthetic legs –, said she will run again this year as a way of getting a piece of her life back.

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New Assault Charges Against Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby says innocent

New assault charges against Bill Cosby being brought by young model from an incident six years ago. Karen Desoto notes that as these cases move further away from the incident date they become harder to prosecute.  Cosby claims innocent.

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Aaron Hernandez Trial

Aaron H in court

The Aaron Hernandez trial is a high-profile case where the former NFL star is accused of first-degree murder in the killing of a semi-pro football player.

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Justice Files: Bob McDonnell Verdict & Thomas Gilbert Case

Karen Desoto appears on Justice Files

Highlighted this week on Justice Files: Bob McDonnell Verdict & Thomas Gilbert case. Rev. Sharpton talks to Judge Faith Jenkins and Karen DeSoto about two trending criminal stories: the sentencing of Bob McDonnell and Thomas Gilbert, the man accused of shooting and killing his father over his allowance.

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Actor Stephen Collins Admits to Sexual Abuse of 3 Minors

Stephen Collins

Actor Stephen Collins admits to sexual abuse of 3 minors during a People Magazine interview. Karen Desoto appears on the NBC News with comments regarding the confession by the actor. In a thousand-word statement, Collins called his behavior “inexcusable,” saying that he has never done anything since his last incident, which he claims came when he exposed himself to a teenage girl in 1994.

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Karen Desoto MSNBC Photos

Karen Desoto MSNBC photos have been add to her galleries on both her Facebook page, and Goolge Plus pages, from during the Oscar Pistorious trial. Take a look and Like and/or subscribe to follow the page(s).  Karen is a legal analyst on MSNBC and has provided legal analysis of the prosecution and defense positions and strategies throughout the trial. She has given the watching audience insights as to why the attorneys have used the various tactics they have.

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