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Should Oscar Pistorius Have Taken the Stand?

Oscar Pistorius emotion

VIDEO: Should Oscar Pistorius Have Taken the Stand? The Oscar Pistorius trial has been a hot topic, and after him breakdown on the stand today, the questions shift to legal opinion.  Legal analyst Karen DeSoto appears on ABC News to discuss the issue with Michelle Franzen, who asked, “was this a risky move?” Karen indicated that putting your client on the stand is always a risky, a calculated move for any defense attorney.  Was it an error here, and did his emotional meltdown help or hurt?

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Teenage Student Vs. Parent

teen sues parents

VIDEO: It may seem like tabloid entertainment, but the case in which Rachel Canning a teenage student , 18, filed a lawsuit against her parents, is one that a judge may not want to set precedent for — according to NBC legal analyst Karen DeSoto.

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Should the legislature consider amending the sentencing and parole laws?

Bonnie Minter

Should the legislature consider amending  the sentencing and parole laws? Families of violent crimes have to essentially re-live the nightmares caused by violent crimes every time the perpetrator comes up for parole.

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Sexual Harassment in Schools

Folly is arrainged

Sexual harassment in schools has surged in recent years. And according to the national board of education statistics, 40% of unwanted sexual attention in school is from female teachers. Janelle Folley made headlines on January 9, 2014 with her arraignment on charges of statutory rape of her son’s fifteen year old friend. Folley is a lunch lady and mother of four, though she  probably doesn’t look much like the one you remember from your school days.

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Defamation Law for Online Posts Revisited

Slippery Slope

Defamation Law for online posts revisited by the Texas Court to consider whether a former an employer can have his former employer remove damaging personal comments from the company website. This issue has already impacted and touched everyone that does not live in a cave, a cave without Internet that is. If the comments are deemed defamatory they still may not be able to remove those comments. Why? Because if it’s in the form of an opinion it may have free speech issues. In other countries defamatory comments are a basis for[…]

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Juan A. Lopez, Jr. Endorses Karen Desoto on LinkedIn

Karen Desoto Featured Speaker

Juan A. Lopez, Jr. Endorses Karen Desoto on LinkedIn as a featured speaker after an event at the Manhattan Community College.  Karen has always embraced her Hispanic heritage, and Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education Magazine named Karen to their list of people On The Move in October 2011. According to Juan Lopez Jr. “Karen Desoto was our featured speaker during one of our Hispanic Heritage Month events sponsored by the Business Management Department and the Students In Free Enterprise Club at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. She delivered a frank, open and engaging[…]

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Karen Desoto legal thoughts about Ada Macneill not Testifying in Utah Doctor Trial

Ada Macneill

Karen Desoto legal thoughts — about Ada Macneill not Testifying in Utah Doctor Trial — are presented on ABC News. The court has a wide path when it comes to children being on the stand, and the judge in this case determined that Ada Macneill was led by others with bias in the case.  As a previous prosecutor and defense attorney, Karen provides her legal insight and opinions on the case beginning at 1.25 into this video.

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Legal opinions about the Arias Hung Jury, and the AEG wrongful-death suit

Arias Hung Trial

Craig Melven talks with attorney Karen Desoto on MSNBC about legal opinions about the Arias Hung Jury, and the AEG wrongful-death suit. With Arias making lots of statements in a litany of TV interviews, the question was raised as to the expected followup.  Only 40 women have ever been put to death in the past 100 years, and Karen notes that “I don’t believe that any jury is going to put this woman to death.”

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Americans Sentenced in Iran

Hikers held

Americans Sentenced in Iran: Legal analyst Karen DeSoto talks with Jenna Wolfe on the Today Show about the possible release of American hikers being held on espionage charges in Iran.

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Legal Analyst Karen Desoto Launched Google+ Page with Photo Gallery

Legal Analyst Karen DeSoto Launched Google+ Page with Photo Gallery.  She says, “I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to lend my legal opinions to such significant television programs as MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, and the Today Show, and it is great that our country still leads the world in freedom of the press so that   the people can hear all sides of an argument. I launched my Google + page (in addition to my long-running Facebook page) and added many of my photos from on the set and[…]

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