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Karen DeSoto on Today: Man fined $500 for laughing in his home

Karen Desoto

VIDEO: Karen DeSoto appeared on TODAY to provide legal opinion regarding a man fined $500 for laughing in his home. Robert Schiavelli, 42, has been issued a pair of tickets by police for disturbing the peace after next-door neighbor Daniel O’Hanian called the police because he said Schiavelli was laughing too loud out his window.

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Karen DeSoto on TODAY Presents Prosecutor Strategies RE: Olympian Oscar Pistorius Case

Oscar Pistorius

VIDEO: Karen DeSoto appears on the TODAY Show with Erica Hill to discusses the prosecutor and defense strategies RE; Olympian Oscar Pistorius Case.

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Karen Desoto Speaks to BMCC students

karen speaks at BMCC

Karen Desoto is very open and proud of her Puerto Rican heritage, though she has vivid memories as a youth of her brother being teased for it.  Now as an an on-air legal analyst for MSNBC, Fox News, CNN and others, Karen gives back to the youth as often as she can.

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The Today Show Reviews the Douglas Kennedy Trial with Karen Desoto

Douglas Kenney trial

Karen Desoto appears on The Today today with her legal opinion about the opening statement’s of the Douglas Kennedy trial; he allegedly assaulted nurses while attempting to take his newborn baby out of the  hospital without permission last January.

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Karen Desoto is Quoted in Blog about Children Killing Children

Karen Desoto

Karen Desoto is Quoted in Blog about Children Killing Children :  What does it say about a society with children killing children; when children victims become violent and find their own children victims?  When a thirteen year old  is capable of sexually abusing one child, and then murdering another?  These are the question asked by blogger Brie Austin after children killing children rocked Florida when Christian, an abused child, beat his 2-year brother to death; and also sexually abused  his 5-year old brother. I spoke with …

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Do We Need Voter I.D Law in an Election year?

Americans Go To The Polls To Elect The Next U.S. President

Do we need voter I.D. cards in an election year?  Pennsylvania’s state Supreme Court on Thursday took up a controversial case over the state’s new voting law, which requires voters to furnish a photo ID before casting their ballots.  The question, however, is not whether Voter I.D. cards should be used, but rather, when and how a Voter I.D. law should be passed and implemented without violating the constitution.

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Tweeting Privately?

Twitter Legal Logo

Is Tweeting private? In an ongoing case  brought against Occupy Wall Street protester Malcolm Harris, Twitter acquiesced to the order of Judge Matthew Sciarrino Jr. in turning over the private data of Mr. Harris. “But the judge said he would keep the records sealed until after a Sept. 21 hearing challenging his ruling on the messages” according to an article in the Washington Post.  What privacy, if any, is covered by social media posts?

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John Edwards Case, and Zimmerman Bond Revolked

Karen Desoto on television

John Edwards case was discussed on America’s Radio News Network with special guest legal analyst Karen Desoto,  and also about the judge revoking George Zimmerman’s bond.

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Karen Desoto appears on Today Show: Cheerleader Sex Scandal Case

Jones Scandal

Karen Desoto appears on Today Show: Cheerleader Sex Scandal Case. The “Victim” May Not Cooperate in Cheerleader Sex Scandal Case according to sources. Karen Desoto appears  at 2:12 of this video to discuss the case, even though prosecutors say they have the proof that Sarah Jones committed a crime as a teacher when she got into a sexual relationship with a student and don’t need the victim to testify.  

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Rutgers spycam case

Ravi on trial

Rutgers spycam case defense team plans an appeal.  Karen Desoto appears on MSNBC with Alex Witt to discuss the application of bias crime laws in non-violent circumstances; the broadness of a 2002 statute, and whether this is a precedent-setting case. Should we legislate morals? With the defense planning an appeal on behalf of their client in the face of a 10-year sentence, Karen and Alex review the circumstances. Rutgers spycam case

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