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New Jersey City University Appoints Karen DeSoto

Governor Christie with Attorney Karen Desoto

New Jersey City University Appoints Karen DeSoto, Esq. of Jersey City, an attorney, public advocate, and television legal analyst, has been appointed to the Board of Trustees of New Jersey City University, after being nominated by Governor Christie.  Source: New Jersey City University news release.  

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Hispanics On The Move

Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education Magazine named Karen to their list of people On The Move in October 2011. Karen Desoto is an active attorney at law. She graduated from Temple university with a Jusis Docatorate, and served as a prosecutor, public defender, the corporate counsel for the city of Jersey City (working for Mayor Cunningham), founded her private practice law firm, the Center for Legal Justice. Karen Desoto has been and remains involved in her community. She was honored by the Bayonne Youth Center as humanitarian of the year;[…]

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Michael Jackson Doctor Trial Discussion

Conrad Murray

Michael Jackson Doctor Trial Discussion: Will jury blame doc for Michael Jackson’s death? Jenna Wolfe talks with guest legal-analyst Karen DeSoto about the severity of the case, and the prosecutors burden of proof on The Today Show.

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DNA Under Scope in Amanda Knox Appeal

Amanda Knox

DNA Under Scope in Amanda Knox Appeal: Independent forensic experts appointed by an appellate court continue to attack the validity of the DNA evidence used to convict the American of murder in Italy. Lester Holt discusses the appeal with legal analyst Karen DeSoto. Click Read More to see video.

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Casey Anthoney Closing Arguments

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthoney Closing Arguments: Attorney, legal analyst and Huffington Post columnist Matt Semino discusses closing arguments in the Casey Anthony trial with MSNBC’s Chris Jansing and attorneys Meg Strickler, Karen DeSoto and Susan Filan.

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Casey Anthony Released

Karen Desoto on air

Casey Anthony Released: MSNBC’s Richard Lui interviews attorneys Matt Semino and Karen DeSoto on Casey Anthony’s release from jail.

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HHS Hides Information on how Vaccines Cause Autism

HHS Hides Information on how Vaccines Cause Autism: EVERY parent should be screaming to high heaven, demanding that HHS explain everything they know about how vaccines cause autism so that vaccine injured children can be compensated and taken care of, and so that children can be screened BEFORE they suffer vaccine regressions.   HHS Hides Information on how Vaccines Cause Autism

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Judge Rules on GPS Case in NJ

Judge Rules on GPS Case in NJ: Should a wife be able to track her husband’s movements by installing GPS in his car without his knowledge? The case in question involved a cheating husband, a suspicious wife, and a private investigator.  The husband got caught; the wife filed for divorce and the husband sued both his wife and the detective for invasion of privacy, claiming ”substantial and permanent emotional distress.” Appellate Judges Joseph Lisa, Jack Sabatino and Carmen Alvarez ruled “There is no direct evidence in this record to establish that during the approximately 40 days[…]

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Gov Christie Nominates Three New Trustees for NJCU Board

Gov Christie Nominates Three New Trustees for NJCU Board : As part of a flurry of nominations submitted to the state Senate yesterday, Gov. Chris Christie nominated nine trustees to the Board of Trustees at New Jersey City University, including three new nominees.

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Karen Desoto is Named Attorney of the Year

Karen Desoto is Named Attorney of the Year at the  50th Annual Puerto Rican Heritage Festival and Parade in Jersey City, New Jersey. She was selected for the honor by the Puerto Rican Heritage Festival and Parade committee. The festival is a community based organization tp empower, educate and support the Puerto Rican Community in Jersey City, NJ. See the story here

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