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Teenage Student Vs. Parent

VIDEO: It may seem like tabloid entertainment, but the case in which Rachel Canning a teenage student , 18, filed a lawsuit against her parents, is one that a judge may not want to set precedent for — according to NBC legal analyst Karen DeSoto.

The lawsuit Ms. Canning filed alleges  that her parents forced her out of their home in Lincoln Park, New Jersey; the parents say she simply decided to leave because she didn’t want to live under the parents house rules.  Ms. Canning is requesting the court to rule on the parents supporting her. Through her lawsuit she asks that her parents pay the remaining tuition  at her private high school (for her last semester), pay her current living and transportation expenses, commit to pay for her college tuition, and pay any and all legal fees for the suit she filed them.

The judge urged them to seek counseling to work out the differences. According to NC legal analyst Karen DeSoto, the judge very likely doesn’t want to set a precedent in this type of situation. She noted that the catch phrase for many parents — who kids are acting up –is “don’t like our rules, there’s the door.” Ms. DeSoto noted that if there is legal precedent set, kids may start taking up those offers, but on the way out adding “and I’ll take my trust fund now thank you.”

it seems that if Rachel were to win this case, it could set the stage for teens to opt towards utilizing this precedent and incorporating it emancipation precedent that allows kids to because responsible for themselves, with the parents still responsible for financial support until the kids are 21.

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