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What People Say About Karen Desoto

What people say about Karen Desoto may vary, but whether it’s about her legal analysis on NBC News, speaking appearances at local community events, representing clients with legal cases, or in the classroom where she is a professor of law, Karen has plenty of fans. The following are samples of social media posts and emails.

I am a criminal defense lawyer in NY, age 61. I found all of your comments re Zimmerman to be right on the money. Too bad Lisa Bloom kept interrupting you. Not to worry, you are still the most beautiful woman on that network.”  Thomas P Halley

I thought  you were wonderful today on Martin Bashir with Joy Reed. I imagine you are a fantastic instructor as well.”  Lenford Sutton

Clearly  you are a great lawyer and activist. In addition I find you breathtakingly beautiful.” Steve Badger

Barbara and I received the check. Thank you for your extraordinary efforts on our behalf, and your exceedingly generous fee reduction. We appreciate it, especially now. Thanks again.” Stan (last name confidential)

It’s great to see that a former student of mine is so successful. Hope you are well and enjoying life; it’s been many years since North Hunterdon, huh? Take care.” Chris Goffi 

Karen Desoto was our featured speaker during one of our Hispanic Heritage Month events sponsored by the Business Management Department and the Students In Free Enterprise Club at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. She delivered a frank, open and engaging presentation of the challenges and rewards facing Hispanics in the legal profession and in law enforcement.Juan Lopz, via LinkedIn

“I like how open minded you are when you analyze a case.Its almost like you can see your heart in your statements.You seem to be a very thoughtful and caring person.” Zemor via Facebook